Welcome to my blog. I love film and have a lot to say about it all! So, this forum seems ideal to get my thoughts out there, and connect with other film lovers alike. I look forward to getting to know many of you, and for others who just want a peek and move on, enjoy!

Once upon a time I went to see a film as a boy, arms wrapped around a large box of popcorn, tight against my chest, my heart racing as quick as my feet would take me at the anticipation of the usher man ripping my ticket to see Walt Disney’s Pinocchio. The moment I took my seat within the cinema I felt at ease. I felt home. Ready to be swept away into a narrative world of wonder and, soon I was to realize, an endless visual library of knowledge.

I love the films that make me think. The ones that require me to delve into multiple themes and question what I think I already understand about the world around me. Films about people. The emotions people experience. Different perspectives. A point of view to challenge what I believe. Subjects people find difficult to discuss openly in person; the bravery to be audacious. The films where I begin to smile and nod. Sometimes I may not completely understand what the film makers are expressing? I want to know. These are the films I need to watch again.

There’s value in the films that don’t require a second viewing. Honestly, there’s some you can barely sit through the first time (shaking a fist at the sky asking why?) and then again we all have different tastes and with film. There are aisle’s of audiences. A vast array of styles projected onto a vast array of screens. That’s the beauty of cinema. Even in a ever developing technological realm where we can stream a film straight from our phones there will always be a place for the big screen. A place to go and sit in the darkness and become lost within the lights of another person’s story.

I’ll be following the film festivals throughout the year, attending the ones I can here in Australia, and keeping track of all else online and other blogs I follow leading up to my favorite time of year: the awards season. I have followed the awards season with a passion for the past 16 years. It’s the time of year all us film fanatics can really sink our teeth into film and connect.

My aim here isn’t to review every film I see. I want to discuss the films that signal me to keep on my hard drive. The films that really require another look. The films my friend will message me to say, “I need to watch that again.”